Ralph with MPire Marketing uses Batman as an analogy for developing a content marketing strategy for your website or local small business.

Batman is someone everyone can relate to and without understanding what your website is about or what your services are about, I can explain to you a little bit about SEO using Batman as an example.

How to Get a Page to Rank for a Keyword

Let’s say you wanted to rank your website for “Batman.” Keep in mind, Batman is just an analogy for whatever it is that you want to rank for or whatever it is that you offer to people on your website….

So…you’ve got this great website composed of a single page all about Batman….

It’s not gonna rank…

You need to convince Google that you’re an expert on Batman.

Now, if you know Batman then you understand that there’s also Catwoman, Two-face, and the Joker and of course his sidekick Robin…

We can’t forget him!

How complete is a single page about Batman? If you don’t include these other elements and link to them from the Batman page–not very…

So, for example, I’ve written a great page about Batman. To take it to the next step further, I would write a great page about Robin and from the Batman page, I would link to the Robin page using the word Robin or sidekick Robin.

Those elements have to be present in your website in order for google to understand that you are an expert on Batman, This is super important and super relevant!

I can’t tell you how many clients come to me and think because they’ve written the best page about Batman, meanwhile they don’t have any of the other pages about Joker, Two-face, Catwoman, or the Batmobile.

Anything else to help support that single page so that’s the first principle right needs to go deep. Your website needs to have a lot of content that supports the fact that you’re an expert on batman.

Now, remember Batman is an analogy for whatever it is that you’re offering.

You need to have multiple pages and multiple pages of content on other things that support your expertise on your product or service.

Why Title Tags Won’t Help You Rank

The other thing that I want you to consider about that aspect about your website and about the this Batman theory is that a lot of times SEO companies will come to you and they’ll say, “Hey, we noticed that your title tag of your page is not Batman and we’re going to go through to clean up all your title tags”

Meanwhile, you don’t have pages–just keep in mind–you don’t have pages, all you have is a single page about Batman. You don’t have pages on Robin or Joker, Two-face, etcetera etcetera. You don’t have any of these other pages.

An SEO firm is gonna come and tell you: “All we need to do is clean up your title tags your meta descriptions and we’re going to improve your SEO.

I’m going to tell you that’s this that’s B.S.

Anybody that’s selling you SEO like that doesn’t really understand SEO. There’s a time and a place to utilize title tags and in most cases, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work for most clients. I’ll tell you in my experience, people that are selling those types of services, those seo services, are selling you a disservice, because really end up what ends up happening is you get sold on this title tag thing and they go through and they do all this work maybe you have uh you know 25, 50, 100 pages–they go through and they they optimize and “SEO” your website, and…

Nothing happens!


Because you have no supporting content!

No supporting content to back up to the fact that you’re an expert on Batman. Remember? You still only have a single page on Batman and nothing else!

To help support your position so when you go and you’re looking at SEO services, or you’re thinking about hiring an SEO expert, I want you to really try to keep this Batman theory in mind.

What Are Your Robins?

What are the Robins, what are the Two-faces and the Jokers in your particular field? And do you have pages on them? Because if you don’t, that’s where you need to start.

You need to go create that content, you need to help support it by internally linking from your Batman page to the other relevant pages using keywords that are relevant to those topics!

I hope that’s helpful to you. I hope that provides you with some information about your website traffic, your SEO and hopefully helps you to avoid being taken in by any SEO companies that don’t have your best interest in mind.

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