Hi, this is Ralph with Mpire Marketing.

Today I’d like to share with you how to increase traffic, leads, and sales to your website without spending money on ads.

If you’re like most business owners I work with, you’re really only interested in the sales…but I’ll tell you it’s very hard to get sales without first driving traffic to your website.

So that’s really where you want to focus: Traffic!

There’s two general ways to get more traffic to your website.

The first is through paid ads

The second is through organic traffic

I’ll tell you that the best companies in the business, most of your large brands, are doing both. They’re doing both paid ads and organic traffic.

If you have the money to do paid ads, by all means go do it!

If, however, you’d like to maybe not spend so much money getting your business going, you have a little more time on your hands to create some content, or perhaps you have a team or some employees that you can put to work for you to create content for you, then organic traffic is the way to go

Organic SEO is the result of a very systematic approach to your content development.

I’m going to share a few of01:07those things with you right.

Consistent Content

The first thing you have to do is write consistently.

You really need to consistently create content for your website. Over time, you’re creating value in your website.

So if you just think: if you created one piece of content every week for 50 weeks that’s about a year, you’d have 50 pieces of content on your website and that’s potentially 50 pages that are generating some traffic to your website.

Now make a commitment to do it and then stick with it!

So if it’s once a week, do it once a week. I’ve seen people get results with that can be very effective

Utilize Keyword Research

Second thing that you need to do is really utilize keyword research.

You need to align the content that you’re creating with keywords that people are actually searching for.

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see with people that are just starting out!

They go out and they create a bunch of content that has nothing to do with the keywords that people are actually searching for.

Internal Linking and Topic Selection

The last piece is you need to internally link to the content and we want it to go deep rather than broad.

What I mean by that is you don’t want to start talking about different topics…we want to pick one topic in the very beginning and focus solely on that topic and really develop and go into all the subtopics that are available for that primary topic and then link to and within each of those pieces of content

You can use a keyword research tool like ahrefs to go and look and see what are people searching for, what are they looking for, and from there start to strategically align the content that you’re creating over a period of time so that it synergizes together

If I make a piece of content over here and then I use some other content topic over here that are somewhat unrelated then there’s no synergy between those.

I want to really focus in on one keyword to start, especially if you’re only doing content once a week.

You really have to nail this, okay!?

You’ve got to focus on one specific topic. Choose one thing that you’re really going to try to do well on.


Just to recap those three things right you’re in order to do your seo you’re going to

  1. Consistent Content. Focus on consistent content publishing
  2. Keyword Research. Utilize keyword research to write the content that’s actually related to the keywords that people are searching for
  3. Choose one topic. Go deep rather than broad on your topics. Choose one topic to focus on that and really drill down into the specific keywords that people are looking for in relation to that one topic.
  4. Internal Linking. Make sure to link between your content pages.

I hope these SEO tips and tricks are helpful!

I really want to help you to improve your content marketing strategies and I want to help you get more traffic, leads, and sales to your website. It’s a passion of mine. I love working with people that have a purpose, that are trying to make a difference in the world.

Make sure you subscribe or keep connected with me, so you can keep learning, keep growing, and helping to improve your business.

All of this work is an investment.

Think about it in these terms: it’s an investment in your business.

You are building content into your business to build the value of your business and your goal should be over the course of the next year, to improve the value of your business without having to spend a dime on ads.

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