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If you’re a small business owner who owns a local business with a physical location, then this article is written for you.

When it comes to understanding local SEO, there are a few key points to consider. I’m going to help you understand everything a local small business owner needs to know about local SEO and how it works.

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What is Local SEO?

First, I’d like to help you understand what local SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So local SEO, is a subset of SEO and the way I describe SEO is whenever you do a search on Google or another search engine, the pages that come up on the first page are hopefully providing you with the most relevant search results, and information you can use. 

When they do, this is good SEO.

But it’s not by chance that these websites are showing up at the top of search results. In most cases, someone has put in the time and effort to help that website rank, so that when you perform that search, they show up.

As a local business owner, you want this to happen with your business. You want potential customers and clients who are using the Internet to search for the products and services your business offers and find your business when they do. 

The strategies we use to make sure you show up in search results is what’s known as Local SEO.

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How Does Local SEO Work?

SEO and trust go hand in hand. 

Many SEO experts like to nerd out on data, and see everything as an algorithm. But they forget this one simple truth.

At the heart of the ranking algorithm are things like creating value, providing service to others, and building and establishing trust. 

You see, the algorithm is meant to represent the real world, not the other way around. If you understand this, and I mean truly understand this, then you know more about SEO than most people.

Then, as a business owner, you being to understand this one principle of SEO:

Anything you do to create value, provide service, and build trust that Google can see, will help your search engine ranking go up.

Want to join an organization? 

Great! Make sure Google knows about it.

Want to list your business with local directories like the Yellow Pages?

Great!  Great! Make sure Google knows about it.

Contributing money to a local cause or organization?

Great! Make sure Google knows about it.

Local Business Rankings: What Does Google Look For?

Now, I’m sure you want some specifics, so let’s talk about what Google looks for.

Every week I offer tips and strategies to improve your local business, including search engine optimization, personal and business branding, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and conversion rate optimization.  

These things help people who are searching for your products and services to find you, generating traffic, leads, and sales without spending money on ads. 

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